June 04, 2008
learning curve

last night on my way to burlesque craft night, i stopped at wendy's for some "food." i just wanted some of those chickeny nuggets, you know? they're so salty and delicious. anyways, i pull into the fairly long driveway line behind some guy in a nicer car than mine. i'm listening to my music, trying not to make eye contact with the employee having his break at the table outside because HELLO AWKWARD I HAVE NO WHERE TO LOOK BUT AT A PIMPLY TEEN, and about a minute passes when he starts gesturing out the window. i sort of ignore it, because who am i to judge someone making shadow puppets or whatnot, regardless of time or location?

then he leans out the window and yells at me.


uh, whut? i turn down my music.


please take a look at this wendy's. you can see it here. I don't know if you can tell from that, but pretty much it's in an inconvenient location at a very busy intersection, and this man wanted me to back up INTO THE SIX LANES OF TRAFFIC STREET so he could exit the line.


"where am i supposed to go? you want me to back up into the street???"


yes you read that correctly. my hackles were raised. my face warmed. i backed up slowly and carefully and let him out.

when i pulled back into line, i looked into his car and noticed a woman in the passenger side.

as i sat there, waiting my turn, the heat boiled up in me. how rude of him! how condescending! dramatic?? for that?? and DARLIN'? that muthafucka. i'll kill him.

then (quite suddenly) i realized he's that girl's boyfriend, or worse- husband. he treated me, a stranger, that way and she has to deal with it regularly. without any warning i was reminded of all the times a man would say to me "you're overreacting" when i absolutely was not- the times he would say, "you're being crazy" or some variation there of when all i was being was independent, or in possession of reasonable expectations from a man who was supposed to love me.

and then, out of that, while i still felt sorry for the woman in the car, i was taken over with pride in myself- that i don't let people speak to me that way anymore and that i recognized it so quickly in someone new.

there are warning signs, i know this, and it's hard to read them when there are emotions involved (lust is an emotion, right?), but days pass and i grow ever more sure of my literacy.


Blogger Übermilf said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean.

And someone who doesn't might think, "What he said wasn't bad." But it's not the words, it's the intent. To put you back in your proper place because you dared question his mightiness and superiority.

If it were truly worth the fight, if you would have been truly inconvenienced (or endangered) and it was worth confronting him, I wonder what he would've done had you simply flipped him off and smirked at him.

Blogger Johnny² said...

You don't want to look at pimply teens? And now you don't want people calling you darling? =(

Anyway. You've got the right idea. Don't take shit from anybody. I'm proud of you, lady.

Blogger Übermilf said...

You know what you should've done? Re-dominated him by saying, in your most matronly voice, "Say PLEASE" and then not done it until he asked sweetly enough to beg your favor.

Blogger flounder said...

I would have rear-ended his ass and flipped him the bird. But that's me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kendra, I like your new (probably not so new) template.

I'm always up for some chickeny nuggets, but not when they come with a side of asshole.


Blogger jiggs said...

i'll find him and punch him in the mouth.

Blogger Tits McGee said...

Then I'll kick his balls in.

Also, OHMYGOD do I love you.

Blogger Spinning Girl said...

He is so out of touch with the Goddess, it makes me want to light a Wisdom candle and chant for him, but he's so not worth the waste of a perfectly good matchstick.

Blogger Winter said...

You chunked your nuggets at him right?!

Blogger Scarlet Hip said...

I have a friend who violently hurls loose change at ignorant drivers like that. I keep telling him that one day it's going to get him into trouble, but he swears it's worth it.

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

What a total and complete asshole. In fact, asshole is not a big enough word. I HATE being spoken to that way. And cheers for recognizing it!

Blogger Nick said...

You're overreacting.

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