May 02, 2007
photoshop is my bff

warning: this post is rubbish.

currently i am making mockups of my next 4852093845 tattoos. photoshop is totally the best thing ever.

not photoshopped.

i know i haven't been so bloggy, and i really have no explanation except that i am letting all of my creativity out elsewhere. and not just photoshopping tattoos (which i am quite skillful at, fyi)! i am knitting my first shirt (for me,) working on a VERY important babygift, and trying to make my ankle work properly so i can do burlesque and wear pretty shoes again because as you know, i have serious priorities.

i just bought these pretty shoes. i am about to go to the fabric store so i can sew a dress to match them (again, priorities), which i will wear when i go to las vegas in june. that's right, i'm a-goin to vegas for to see some shimmyshakin in june. where i can i get spf 9million? also, do you think it's inappropriate to bring my cats? they do both look nice in blue.


Blogger Ariel said...

You know how I love me some Nimoy & the Rabbi, right? I mean just saying Nimoy & the Rabbi makes me feel like I'm in a 70's spy cult classic. But if you bring them to Vegas I will disown you. That is all.

Blogger Ariel said...

Actually that's not all- I just got my weekend pass in the mail!!!! Vegas AND Bust!!!!

Blogger yournamehere said...

yes, it's inappropriate to bring your cats to Vegas.

Blogger brookelina said...

You bought the pretty shoes!

Blogger knitty kitty said...

yea on shoes and yea on vegas.
I have been pouring efforts into less creative things.
here is to more regular blogging!

Blogger me said...

you know if you take the boys to vegas you're under strict obligation to dress them as elvis and share with them the bounty of illicit drugs.

just sayin'.

those shoes are SO cute... i stand in awe of your shoes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's only innapropriate of you bring your cats to see the shimmyshaking.

Blogger Sysm said...

Those shoes are very tall. Have you been cleared for shoe-tightropery like that?

Just sayin'.

Blogger Thérèse said...

The shoes, they are adorable, and I hope you post a picture of the dress you create to match them.

Anonymous heidikins said...

Ohmygoodness!! (First time reader/commenter, hopped over here from Jurgen Nation.) I LOVE THOSE SHOES! I'm a shoe-whore to start with, but those are a new level of adorable!

I am coveting. Seriously, there is some major covet going on over here.


Blogger amera hearts said...

i forgot delia's existed!

and WOW!

cute shoes!

ps. how did you get a pictue of my grandmother? huh.

Blogger Tits McGee said...

OMG I so heart Delia's! Those shoes are teh sex!

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