November 27, 2006

i was going to call this post tidbits, but i think nuggets is more fun. (see nugget:chicken :: this post:real blogging.)

now open your booklets and begin.

i want to go to night one of this so badly. there are some good bands on night two, and some extra shitty bands (fall out boy) for the first show, but i think overall night one suits my tastes more. dave grohl is my secret lover (LOV-ah) you know, and i was unable to attend the afoostic show a few months back. this is my chance at redemption. and yes, i like my chemical romance. now that it's out in the open, i pretty much have to go get an afterschool job at hot topic. can i borrow your black wristlets to cover my emo-ness, because if anyone sees me this way i will positively die.

anyway, i want to go so badly that i would go with anyone, and i mean ANYONE, who offered me a ticket. i would go with hitler. i would go with anne coulter. i would go with kevin federline. of course, he'd be beaten to death at the door, so that might be my best bet. ticket sales information will be released thursday, and here's to hoping i can (a) afford a ticket, and (b) actually buy one before they sell out to scalpers.

clever transitional sentence!

there is a hierarchy of pharmacy stores. it goes like this, from best to festering cesspools of disease and questionable product placement:
duane reade
rite aid
i apologize if i missed a local favorite- those are the biggies i am familiar with. rite aid is the grossest. it is always dirty and requires security guards. cvs is the best one, with its brightly lit aisles and nice smells and carpet. carpet!!! do you even know how often you have to clean carpet in a high traffic store? in los angeles????

the reason i bring this up is that cvs recently arrived in LA, and i am happier than i have any reasonable right to be. it's like a little piece of home, all shiny and clean, and it pleases me so much that i'm tempted to roll around in the makeup and skincare aisle moaning with joy. atleast until a month from now, when it becomes irreversibly sullied by the fetid patrons of the city. sigh.

further transition in festive pun!

i was pretty much a holidaygoodness machine this weekend, and finished nearly everything. right now the holdouts are fairly unsurprising, and two of the three should be done by week's end.

that said, i filled out all your cards and bullshit, and i pretty much sucked at that. the saddest part is that i just accept it. i made like 80 gifts this year, and chose things especially for youse guys, so feel lucky i even put your silly names on the damn things. i wrote some nonsense (feel even luckier if yours is in english!) and by the end of the 30th card my penmanship was like a third grade boy's. also, i've cleaned the gifts as best i could, but any stray julius/nimoy hairs should be considered an additional (and priceless) gift for you to enjoy. AND YOU WILL ENJOY.

now i just have to figure out the cheapest possible way to ship this crap off, and we'll all be happy. atleast until you figure out that your gifts are all $5 cvs giftcards wrapped in catfur and my acoustic desperation.


Blogger Sarah Smile said...

I WILL enjoy!

Blogger Colleen said...

I would be ecstatic to see you working at Hot Topic. Does that make me a bad person?

Blogger yournamehere said...

Rite-aid does suck the diseased cock of a man-whore.

I'm definitely more of a night two guy.

Blogger LotusKnits said...

Ooooh I so wanna go with you and declare my overt emo-ness (with appropriate mock shame). You'd better find a ticket so I can be jealous.

Blogger Spinning Girl said...

I seriously love you, and I am totally doing nuggets now, too.

I love CVS!

Blogger Tits McGee said...

Let's make out.

Blogger Auntie Sassy said...

I am a huge fan of catfur and acoustic desperation.

And unfortunately, I cannot sympathize with the RiteAid woes.

Because RiteAid is always clean in Kirkland.

Everything is clean in Kirkland.

F*cking yuppies.

Blogger jiggs said...

there is a fairly good chance that I'm gonna poop myself with joy when I get my crafty goodness from you.

Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

Can I have extra cat hairs? Sherlock and Wookie would be most appreciative.

Also, I suggest going to the post office and telling them that you're shipping gifts to 80 different orphans all over the country. They're sure to help you find the cheapest rate.

Blogger Uccellina said...

CVS has arrived in LA by virtue of having bought out Sav-On. Our local Sav-On just made the transition, and now it has carpeting and signs that actually relate to the aisles' contents.

I would go to night two, because: Gnarls Barkley! Maybe I'm crazy. Possibly (e-e-e-e).

Blogger miss kendra said...

sarah smile: i know you will. i know.

cols: it makes you a little weird. i'd only make like $9 an hour! there isn't enough discount eyeshadow in the world to make up for that.

yournamehere: night two would be acceptable for sure. but i find myself leaning towards night one. i just can't help it.

lotusknits: i'm not ashamed of my emo-ness. i'm just depressed about it. HA!

spinnerina: nuggets! love love love!

tits: i'm waiting.

sassy: rite aid might be clean there, but it's still inferior. cvs is better. just trust me.

jiggs: poop! i might make you something else later. i don't know.

acw: you asked for it. :) as for shipping, i might just send everything to you and tell people where to pick it up.

uccellina: i knew they bought sav-on. i don't miss it one bit! and yes, gnarls barkley is good, but if had to sit through some of that other crap i would probably die.

Blogger amera hearts said...

i think that is awesome how you made your gifts. i wish i was creative :(

ps. wal-green here is nice. the one by me is big and bright and always packed.

Blogger WineGrrl said...

There used to be was REALLY nice!

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