May 09, 2006
i am a trophy wife just waiting to be wed

i was going to use this opportunity (my boss is gone for a full and glorious hour) to blog blog blog, but here's the problem: the only time i can do my actual work is ALSO when he is gone. so.

i wanted to blog from home, but my wireless network (*cough*comcast*cough*) S.U.C.K.S. also, there are other things to get done there, like knitting and eating and sleeping and scooping the litterbox. that last one isn't fun, but it's preety important.

really blogging is very high on my priority list, as it's the only writing i do these days (woohoo! masters degree in motion!), but i spend my possibly blogging time keeping up with all of you, who i have come to know and love and stalk via spyware.

if i could find myself a j.howard marshall (like my body?) i would be so set. i could blog and knit and go online bargain shopping everyday.

so far today i've spent about $1300 on my imaginary shopping spree. and that was just at four repro websites.

i didn't even do amazon or ebay or anything.

there's not even a regular everyday pair of pants in there.

if anyone's interested, i can email you a copy of the list, itemized, with prices and sizes. just sayin.

i'm going to go book a hotel for vegas baby! and i swear, i will be clever soon. unless i meet j.howard there, then i will be clever when i'm not busy stuffing my face and buying shoes.


Blogger Uccellina said...

I wish I could go to Vegas with you, but I can't :-(


Blogger Spinning Girl said...

Just don't stay in Vegas. I heard that happens sometimes.

Blogger jiggs said...

I wish I was older and more rich.

But vegas is cheering me up up up!

Blogger Sachi said...

I've been trying really hard to figure out a way to get to Vegas at the same time. I'm thinkin' it ain't happening.

I REALLY need to come over and take pics... I'm just dying for reasons to use my camera.

Bonus: My verification word is "upkrete" Is that anything like "sh*t up a creek"? or "up sh*t creek"? Something to seriously ponder.

Blogger Thérèse said...


List please.

What? I'm just sayin'. I wanna see what shoes you have on there. I mean... you know.

Blogger Übermilf said...

What about James Caan? Is he married?

Blogger CommonWombat said...

Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you blab about it in your blog. Which I fully expect you to do. In detail.

Blogger Tel said...

I would please like to go to Vegas too. Actually, I will be there the weekend after Thanksgiving. That excites me. My baby bro is turning 21. YOU SHOULD COME TOO!

Blogger myboyfriendiscrazy said...

I've lost many productive hours online shopping. usually it's opposite you though: I look at expensive things.

Blogger Auntie Sassy said...

I say your Vegas strategy should be as follows:
Wear a shirt that shows off your glorious breasts and linger around the high roller table.

You're bound to get a sponsor.

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

Vegas always cheers me up.

Blogger Laurie Ann said...

Remember, you could hook up with the old millionaire, then have to fight his kids in court for the next ten years just to get your money. with old coot vs. possible millions...tough decision.

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Eh, sex is overrated. I'm sure the old dude is just into *companionship*. HAH. Or you could be a "beard". Then you won't have to do anything gross like kiss boys and stuff.

Blogger FRITZ said...

Oh, wow. You sound just like me, in many ways. Or, maybe I am like you? I have started this knitting thing and don't want to put the needles down. I also don't want to miss the news on other bloggers. I also want to entertain my blogger friends. I work from home.

I could possibly lose my job. Because guess what I do? Knit and blog.


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