January 04, 2006
foiled again

i am home from work today again, as my attempt to go back yesterday proved to be far too much for ye olde neck and shoulder injuries.

i finally got through to the orthopod's office and after being questioned rather rudely by a bitchy receptionist i was told that since i have no health insurance, i will need to pay th "initial consultation" fee up front.

don't worry though- it's only about six hundred dollars.

and even better, i'm only down to my last three pain killers, which is fine, really, considering i wasn't crying last night. and because i totally have someone i can call to get a new prescription right?

best of all, my blog is becoming a bitter bitter place to be.

this is why i temper it with gratuitous photos of cute aminals.

behold, and i promise i will try to place nice in the future.

(forty minute later)or not, because blogger hates me and denies my uploads.

so read my bitching and shut the hell up about it!


Blogger Zen Wizard said...

Come now...

Is "shut the hell up" really the way MISS MANNERS would elicit "COMMENTS"???

Blogger jiggs said...

little bunny foofoo sitting in the forest
scooping up the field mice and
boppin them on the head.

Really it's an allegory.

Blogger miss kendra said...

i don't get it.

are you saying i'm mean? because the zen wizard already said that.

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

I've turned my blog into a place where people call my relatives bad names because I've written unkind (but true) things about them.

I like your kitties.

Blogger Auntie Sassy said...

It looks as though you are going to be forced to take up heroin.

Stupid "health care" system.

Blogger tfg said...

No don't do that. Heroin only leads to harder drugs.

Blogger Calzone said...

Call me when you hit your bottom

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I think Calzone wants to hit your bottom.

You can crankyblog us anytime, hunny. We're here for you. And I'd probably be better off if MORE people told me to shut the hell up.

Blogger Monkey said...

Bitter is beautiful. Let it all out. Squeeze that angst like a ripe zit. Do it I say!

Now... where was I? Sorry to hear that the bitchy receptionist wants you to pay $600. for nothing. My human's DR. wants her to take a drug that is $30.00 a pill and... she doesn't have insurance either. Fuck them. Fuck them all!!!!

Blogger Übermilf said...

I was going to be sarcastic, and repeat some republican nonsense about "pulling up bootstraps" or "bra straps" or something, but I'm too angry.

I am very angry this is happening to you.

Blogger American Navel said...

This might sound trite, but I think that taking a picture of your belly button and letting me post it on my blog will make you feel better.

Also nice monkey jammies, miss kendra!

Blogger jiggs said...

In my allegory, bunny foofoo is the health system. You are a field mouse.

I would only say you were mean if you left an anonymous comment on my blog comparing me to hitler.

Blogger Brookelina said...

Maybe you could sell the kittens for $200 each? No? Probably not. I'll keep thinking and come up with a plan.

Feel better and keep bitching!

Blogger robiewankenobie said...

oh, dear. i was so planning on coming over here to find you in a sound of music moment atop a mountain spinning 'round and tossing off your collar while singing a charming little ditty.

i am oh, so, sorry that it still sucks.

time to hit the free clinic, babe. 'cause if it STARTS at $600? that means it's gonna get evil.

Blogger riseyp said...

you poor sweetheart!!! rest assured that while this country's appalling, evil lack of universal health care benefits means you have to pay up front, it means we also do have a plethora of nasty-ass personal injury lawyers who make DAYUM sure you get what's comin' to ya.

don't forget to add in a few mil to recompense for Boy's and New Kittens' pain and suffering.

Blogger me said...

something about becoming an illegal canadian citizen and bogarting their free health care springs to mind now... you'd only have to do it for a while...

if you'd like, (although i'm gazillions of miles away... fedex is a friend) i have a friend who knows a doctor that'll write a prescription for anything... for a fee of course, but it's a small fee compared to the $600...

black market drugs... sigh... they're all the rage.

Blogger me said...

p.s. ur bitterness is a breath of fresh air.

Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

I can mail you some old percosets. You're not allergic to opiates, are you?

Blogger Monkey said...

I like me's idea about bogarting the Canadian's system. I'm just across the border. Genius!

Blogger TinaPoPo said...

I'm with me and monkey. Canada's got health insurance figured out.

And I enjoy your bitterness and pictures of kittens. But I hope you feel better soon.

Blogger Beeb said...

do the kitty post again.

they are so cute!

feel well girl... maybe a little new england would make you feel better?

Blogger Lady Baltimore said...

No health insurance? I've been there and done that. It's no fun at all. For me it involved a temp job, a very angry appendix and a personal loan. Thank goodness the hospital wrote some of it off after hearing my sob story. But that was only one of the many, many bills. Everyone bills seperately. Hooo-ray. Idiot medical system.

How much was the emergency room visit?
Did they take x-rays?

Good luck.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF is going on in your country? It is so appalling that the US is the ONLY 1st world (arguably) nation with NO universal health care. I feel so bad for you right now.

Come to Canada for some free health care (thank you Tommy Douglas). However, you will be on a waiting list forever, but it is free. AND we are not a very litigeous people so you won't get much for your settlement. But the doughnuts/beer are good.

Blogger Thérèse said...

I am so amazed that you didn't have more venom after 40 minutes of trying and being denied.

That's like waiting in a line you're used to going through quickly, only to have it take... 40 times as long as you originally thought it would.

You are such a lady.

Blogger jenifleur said...

Look if I want to read posts dripping with treacle and kindness I've got about 931 places I can go. And that's just knitting blogs.

And both your avatars are hideous. Thank you.

I hope you start feeling better soon so you can stop this "less bitterness" madness. Also because of the pain.

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