December 01, 2005
the internets are magic

last night, after i worked on some more holiday goodness (hint) i spent some time getting better aquainted with the internets. last time we had a date like this, i found some website of a guy putting stuff on his cat to see how long it would take for the cat to wake up. the "game" was not harmful, but it had a funny name that revolved around whatever the cat's name was, and which i can't remember. it was something nonsensical, like madagascar jackelope, or tiddlywinks, or george w. bush. anyway, if you have seen this site, please tell me! i have not been able to find it and i. must. see. the. cat. again.

anyway, back to me and those sexy internets: first i lowered the lights and poured us some drinks so we could feel more comfortable and um, drunk. then i pulled out the hookah so we would be ready for "touch my belly," (not a euphamism) where i found a very interesting picture of a man touching gideon's belly. but wait! the site is called touch my belly, so why is this picture different from all the other pictures of people touching gideon's belly? (ma nishtana ha-picture ha-zeh mi-kol ha-pictures? oh my god. was that jew humor? yes, yes it was.)

it's different because the guy touching gideon is exactly what Boy would look like if he were a slightly older fat biker growing a zz top beard. seriously. exactly like it.

which freaked me the hell out. see for yourselves.

and since that picture was so entertaining, i wanted to see what else the internets had to offer. with a little searching, we discovered what Boy would look like if he were a slightly older fat biker princess ballerina.

and if he were a slightly older fat biker elf: (the holiday spirit! it moves me!)

and now back to your regularly scheduled workday.


Blogger ladylinoleum said...

Nice outfits! LMAO

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) Definitely like the pink ballerina. Hey, could you do one of those fancy pix that make me look tall, blond and skinny?!?!!!

Anonymous Faith said...

Oh my god Kendra - Laughed my ass off. By the way, I love Jew humor!

Blogger psquared said...

Miss Kendra -

I read your site daily and love it! I don't recall posting before; but I know the answer to this one.

It is hilarious!


Blogger Calzone said...

Oh hey am I late? I volunteer at a hospice on Thursdays and I just got home.

Hookahs? Drugs wont fill up that hole inside of you. I will pray for you and boy tonight.

I love you Kendra.....Calzone

Blogger Southernspeak4 said...

Oy vey! HAHAHAHAHA...thanks for that this morning, I used an entire box of Depends, as usual, when visiting here.

Can I just say when he was in the elf outfit, I was turned on? Does that make me odd?

Blogger captain_howdy_girl said...

id touch his belly... or whatever

Blogger Thérèse said...

My favourite part is that his face is the same no matter what he is wearing. I mean, a man who is as comfortable as a princess ballerina bikier as he is an elf biker as he is a hardcore biker? *nods* Much respect.

You've obviously got great things to look forward to with Boy, my dear Miss Kendra.

Blogger KatieLiz said...

New lurker to your blog. Is this the site you're looking for:

Still good for a laugh, even if it's not.

Blogger Flying Pizza said...

no, it's "not stuff on my cat!" it was and earlier one,a cooler one that was all about the chronicles of this one guy and his cat, and I can't remember the name either! gahhhh! Kendra, will these people help us?

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