December 27, 2005
the gift that keeps on giving!

so here's an artists rendering of my accident, otherwise known as the christmas gift that never ends.

basically, the guy took a left directly into my car, smooshing in my door and my shoulder.

which leads me to part two of the gift, a rental car. in the exact make and model and year of the car (ALSO A RENTAL) that hit me. atleast now i understand why he hit me. the car sucks so badly he was just trying to make the pain stop.

and speaking of pain.... the best so far--part three of my gift:

here's me in hour three of my emergency room visit:

please don't judge me. i look like doodie.

and in hour six:
you'll note that Boy brought me a lovely flower,
which nicely complements my hospital pallor.

and after eight and a half hours at the emergency room, here's me today:

i'm on vicodin! yay!

i also get a snazzy new collar to wear for ten days. i'm trying to play it down with a kicky green scarf, but really, i think you can still tell.

and to think
this is the cause of all my misery... but i will tell you all about that another time, maybe when the bats stop swirling and i can you know, move my neck, or drink without a straw or whatever.

i'm gonna go take more pills. thank you internets for your support. i will be patchy in my attendance until the drugs run out. i'm sure you understand.


Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

HUNNY!!! You look like you could use a hug, but I'd be afeared I would hurt you. Thank the gods for painkillers. :( What a shitty way to spend your week off work! But at least the kitlettes are kewt. Somehow, their cuteness almost takes away from the scariness of your hospital pix. :( Let me know if there is anything I can do (since we are of the same 'hood and all).

And to think, on the drive back to LA last nite, I was selfishly thinking how nice it would be to return to WeHo SnB and hang with you!

Blogger Libby said...

Dude, I think I might try and drive my MASSIVE rental car that I will have in the "Las Vegas Work Fiasco 2006" (aka next week, trying to "work" while in Vegas) and come bring you love and joy and all sorts of loverly things.

But knowing me, I would get lost in the desert or get stuck in Barstow with some scary trucker man and noone would ever see me again. So you come to Vegas. Bring drugs. :D (But not for me, of course...)

Blogger Sarah Smile said...


*tries to think of something uplifting*

Nice scarf?

*gives up*

That sucks.
Want some tequila (aka holiday goodness)?

Blogger Tumbleweed said...

That truely sucks, Sorry.
On the bright side, you can totally pull off that look, you're adorable!

Blogger Knitty Kitty said...

man oh man does that suck.
I got nothin for except to say that I'm glad they didn't dink around and gave you the good stuff for the pain!

Vicodin rocks. Have a great time in V-Land! and hope you feel better soon!

Blogger Thérèse said...

Ok, actually.... from far away, I could almost... With... with a little less lighting... No no, more dim... more dim....

*abandons scarf angle*

I think you are uber hot in your glasses, Miss K. Rowr.

Blogger HizzleThizzle said...

Personally, I'd go with a blue scarf.

Blogger Brookelina said...

I think you look smashing. Please pardon the bad pun.

Blogger d2ana said...

i'm trying to play it down with a kicky green scarf, but really, i think you can still tell.

death. death by laughing. it's wrong to laugh at you in your pain...but...HA!!

Blogger miss kendra said...

i'm really upset about how fat it makes my face look.

it's like i'm courtney love or something.

Blogger Calzone said...

Kendra...seriously what the fuck are you trying to do to me?

It's like I'm a wolf, and you are a baby calf with a limp, cut off from the herd.

Blogger babyjewels said...

Oh no, Kendra. I didn't know it was that serious. I hope you're neck feels better soon. THose darn kittens are seriously cute and worth saving. I love do-gooders. We need more of you. I hope you feel better soon.

Blogger Übermilf said...

Babyjewels, you said exactly what I was going to say, so...

Ditto what BabyJewels said.

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

Oh no, poor Miss Kendra! I hope the vicoden is helping and that you feel better real soon. I'm sending off my belated Holiday goodness tomorrow.

Ps. The scarf around the neck brace is a nice touch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok im gonna try cheerin u up.
u met w/ an accident n ure a hero too, rite? oh ya n u got da drugs ..
well here's how my holiday seasons goin...
- ive got final exams goin on- n i think ive failed in 4 so far...
- my boyf is out of town, won't be back 4 another month.- im alone :(
- i had an exam on 25, 26, 27, 28 n will have one on 31 n 2 ( no parties, no friends, again- im alone)
- i din get any christmas gifts :(
- ive started smokin again
- n ive become addicted to cheesy christmas carols
howz dat 4 holiday cheer?

Anonymous beeb said...

Aww girl! I didn't know it was that terrible. The green scarf suits you and I love you regardless of your green scarf chubbiness and since you are on the drugs I must tell you:

stay with the group.


Blogger Beeb said...

why doesn't my link show??

oh, there we go.

Blogger Tel said...

I love drugs. Especially ones meant to relax muscles or kill pain. I'm not addicted, but they're nice to have around.

You poor gal! Just trying to help some kitties!

Blogger TinaPoPo said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. And that green scarf is very clever. It just looks like you're trying extremely hard to keep warm.

Blogger robiewankenobie said...

damn. but they sure are cute misery makers. kinda like merrry makers, only not.

so sorry about the lack of knit in your life. i'm afraid that all you would do is try to make more neckbrace warmers, so maybe it's a good thing.

really? honestly? truly? i am glad that you are okay. 'cause that wasn't a namby pamby car accident, lady.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!! I'm so sorry this happened! I hope you're doing all right, and that boy is taking care of you.

I do love the scarf.

Blogger jiggs said...

You've got green eyes!

Blogger Monkey said...

Your collar is the height of fashion. The height I tell you!

Blogger riseyp said...


sorry to hear this!!!! pooor fing :(

rest, rest, rest and laugh and think happy thoughts.

Blogger crasspersonality said...


Blogger Grend31 said...

May your anatomical regeneration be most rapid in progress.

Blogger sysm said...

At least you have the "Worst Christmas Ever" out of the way. The rest of your life will be a cake walk. (fingers crossed).

Blogger captain_howdy_girl said...

I read the first post before reading this one today. I'm so sorry you got hurt and had to go to a crappy hospital :((

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