November 16, 2005
not even disco can kill the hottness

this past saturday, Boy and i spent some "quality time" together. this had been our plan all week, but i think that maybe next time Boy will come up with some more specific plans because we ended up doing what i wanted to do. like browsing around some local shops.

knitting shops.

that's right- i used the plural. we went to three (3!) different yarn stores and looked at lovely lovely yarn and lovely lovely patterns, and listened to the weirdo culty chanty music in the background. together.

it should also be noted that i was PMSing, like sideshow-freak, hide-the-silver, secure-your-seat-into-it's-fully-locked-upright-positon-and-locate-your-nearest-exit kind of PMSing, and so Boy deserves some type of blue ribbon, or um, awardy thing.

you my prize pig, boo.

anyway, then we went to do one of my other favoritest things on earth. and when we were done, and all cleaned up, we went shopping!

for clothes! at aardvark's odd ark on venice beach. i took whole bunches of stuff into the fitting room, like a full jumpsuit covered in this print

that REALLY unfortunately didn't fit me AT ALL. it was totally sad. a tragedy. i almost cried. how could something so obviously meant to be worn by me not fit? not even to take a picture! but i so would have. for y'all.

when i came out of the fitting room to show Boy how hot i was in each and every item, he was trying on sportcoats. orange leather and brown velvet ones with tweedy elbows. very couth. and also hats, because Boy is a hat man, like so:

then came the dress, the lovely dress, that looks pretty good (better than in the picture below) but would look better if maybe i cut off my legs at the ankle, or donated the section of my belly with the spleenie thing to science, because i don't really need that anyway.

why? because things are not meant for tallish people like me. especially vintage things (which will be proven further by the "other" pictures below.). i suppose people were just shorter then, what with their growth being stunted by all the disco music, strobe lights and cocaine.

and the piece de resistance:

voila, a full frontal view of my polyester humiliation.


Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

Dromedary mutation, eh?

Sounds like something you should get checked out. Especially after wearing a grody old jumpsuit from a thrift store. Blech. Who knows how many dromedary mutations took place in that thing?

Blogger Thérèse said...

See, I think the blonde suits you.

And the jump suit, well, that suits you too.

Obviously, in a slightly different way, suited.

Blogger Auntie Sassy said...

Sometimes I wish I could just pinch you.

But not when you're wearing that hair.

I'm skeerd it would fall off and crush me.

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Too friggin kewt. Sorry, I can't feel too badly for you, being on the "tallish" side. We monkeyz are wee bitty creatures and have the opposite problem (*EVERYTHING* has to be shortened). But I'm likin the blonde.

Blogger Libby said...

Dude, I feel your pain with the dromedary creepage issue. Being 9'14" sucks, especially since it's harder (as wee MonkeyGurrl mentions) to let pants out than take them in.

Oh, and you are MUCH braver than I, since I would never dream of wearing a one piece ANYTHING, due to the abnormal length of my crazy torso. (not saying that two pieces are any better, but there you go.)

Blogger Calzone said...

you know that facial hair drawn on women's photo's turns me on right??

I'm not joking.

Blogger captain_howdy_girl said...

You should warn people that they are going to see a picture of a disgusting baby. Nothing creeps me out more than watching babies or old people eat.

Blogger Grend31 said...

Dear Polly Esther, Malicious Spirit, Esq.,

Please don't ever possess Miss Kendra again. Your evil will made her put on that outfit and document it. You have shown us your power. We will never doubt it again. Please release her. We beg of you.

Yours truly in awe,

Blogger Tel said...

Grrrl! You are craaaaazy and so cute! :) Next time I'm in LA you and I definitely going to hang out and do crazy things. :)

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