November 17, 2005
good news!

it has come to my attention that there are plenty of miserable people out there. this is a breaking story! pay attention! so now i've decided that everyone should be so lucky as to have a swellerific dog like mine.

he's cute, see?

so in order to spread peace and love this holiday season, i'm starting the "world-wide pickles" campaign today. we have bumperstickers:

and snazzy "worldwide pickles" kits, that come in this handy dandy tote bag.

inside you will find one (1) life-sized (and texturized! fancy!) cutout of mr. pickles, one (1) slipcover for your chair to make it more cowie, one (1) faux cellphone, and one(1) pair of rockin penguin jammie pants. all of this can be yours, to recreate the following picture, and feel the joy of pickles.

your kit also contains one (1)large cup of pickles pee, for you to splash on your furniture, floors and carpet as you see fit. the experience wouldn't be complete without it!

buy one for each of your family members today!

ps- i want to make a "worldwide pickles" button for my side bar. any helpful hints?


Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

"Pickles: Not just for sammiches any more!"

"Pickles: would you prefer he were a gerkin?"

"Pickles: Who doesn't love a cucumber soaked in brine... I mean dog"

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

You know, I was so ready to support the cause - right up until the cup o' urine. I heart me some Pickles, but, DANG, he's a lot more clever than you give him credit for. How'd he manage to pee in a cup?!

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

I want to feel the joy of pickles in my life!

Funny, I wasn't sold until I got to the urine. Hmm.

Blogger babyjewels said...

I believe I may have found my company secret santa present. Awesome.

Blogger Ms. Pepper LeDog said...

everyone knows that black dogs with names beginning with the letter "P" are the best dogs ever!

Blogger Thérèse said...

I would so carry that tote.



Blogger Beeb said...

my chewy has been bugging me to play with your pickles... does this bother you at all?

ps...i will try to be a better blogger.

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