October 21, 2005
that's a wrap

the one person who reads this on fridays can blame the rest of you who don't read it till monday or whenever for the follwing recap.

i now present:

random collection of things that pleasured me this week

- writing "things that pleasured me" on the internets.

- audioposts. specifically, ones like dr. monkey and valentine, and also gravitas. among others. mostly monkey related. mostly played over and over.

and over.

- exchanging emails with auntie sassy and anonymous coworker. i like emails. send more. and also cookies. but not through the internets. i only eat them when they're whole. because crumbs aren't cookies. no.

- this chair on craigslist. it won't fit in my apartment or you better believe it would be there.

my butt looks really cute in green.

- family portraiture, here and here.

- some sex. (you didn't read that, dad.)

- these shoes. they aren't my favorite ones, but i *SO* need leopard print shoes. immediately.

or i will die.

- hearing TheStevieWonder on howard stern.

- this post, from valancy jane. and also this link she provided, where i discovered that i could sell my blog (the humanity!) and pay off my credit cards. tempting, but without debt to bitch about, where would i be?

My blog is worth $10,726.26.
How much is your blog worth?

oh! and this ecard vj got that i wish i got. why don't you slackers send me ecards? huh?

- getting the sheet music to "colors of the wind" given to me at work without ever having asked for it. it was like fate. yes it was.

- fake eyelashes.

- this picture of me, age 2

i wish i still had this outfit.

- Boy telling me he "was going to make a card for our anniversary, but we didn't have the right macaroni."


Blogger Auntie Sassy said...

Can't you MAKE that chair fit in your apartment? Because it freaking rocks. I'm just saying. I used to have a RUST colored chair exactly like it and I still mourn its loss, although I'm sure my cats would have peed in it and clawed it to pieces by now anyway.

Blogger Tel said...

A macaroni love card? Oh, how precious!

I'm starting to feel like a jealous boyfriend. You and AS emailing back and forth. :(

(I will send her cookies. And then she will love me better than AS. And then I'm going to get AS a t-shirt that says, "Kendra (hearts) Tel more than AS" in addition to the Killers one.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I adore the outfit and the chair. And I'm always around reading on the weekends, only no one posts. Sigh.

Blogger Racheal said...

My blog was worth exactly $0. O, well.

- Boy telling me he "was going to make a card for our anniversary, but we didn't have the right macaroni."

That is just so sweet...

Blogger babyjewels said...

That chair looks like a velvet sea shell and is totally wantable. I must go now to see what my blog is worth.

Blogger Calzone said...

You know who else plays Monkey's audio posts over and over? Monkey.

Thank God I've got some high test weed

Blogger Calzone said...

I was on a plane once with a friend, this was ten years ago. We had both dropped acid, he thought the spider in the brain thing was happenning to him. Doctors were called and he was tied down to his seat he was freaking out so badly.

Good times yo.

Blogger Monkey said...

This post had so much yummy goodness in it, I lingered for hours, well... minutes. Why does my phone always ring right when I am having fun?

I'm pleased you enjoyed Monkey Hospital. Sadly, Calzone is right, I do listen to it an inordinate number of times.

Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

I read this post on Monday. Can I have my money back?

(Glad you liked the portraiture. It was your idea, after all.)

Blogger Monica said...

I shall be back, I like your blog. You are feet #62. THANK YOU!

Blogger Frog said...

great chair and it's... green!

Blogger Alistair! said...

Great blog I shall be back. though ya gotta do something about calzone, I mean the creep is a total pain in tha butt ...literally! I mean, he keeps stealing weed 'n shit from me and selling it to purple and also his gay friends down at the Greasy Pint.

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