October 20, 2005
i'm it

10 years ago: i was 8 days from losing my virginity. i had jet black hair and my favorite pants were some baby blue corduroys i bought at a dollar-a-pound sale my favorite vintage store. i smoked unfiltered cigarettes. and pot. i went to a private school for smarty pants kids that focused on language and art. we had goats and a one-eyed rooster whose comb fell off from frostbite. i was a vegetarian; i ate instant mashed potatos and farina everyday. i had an orange cat named gabriel. i was in foster care* and i liked to steal, mostly makeup but sometimes pink bic razors to cut myself with. i did print modeling. i was fairly miserable.
*the people i refer to as my parents on this blog are actually an adopted family. it's a VERY long story, but you can assume that unless i specify "birthmother" etc, i am referring to the crazy people who chose to take me into their lives. whatta bunch of weirdos.

5 years ago: i was a junior in college. i lived in TheYellowHouse, in an apartment across the yard from my best friend ray. he shot out my window with a paintball gun. i was engaged. i was the editor of a literary magazine. i weighed 50 pounds more than i do now. i had a cat named bagheera and a turtle named zelda. zelda died. i worked at vinnys, an eye-talian place, and so often stank of garlic. i was moderately miserable.

1 year ago: i had been in california for only 16 days. i did not have a job. Boy and i had just celebrated one year together and i felt an incredible sense of accomplishment. i weighed 10 pounds less than i do now. i was pretty darn happy.

yesterday: i rear ended some girl in a beamer. she got out of the car, looked at it, said, "eh. shit happens, right?" and then drove away. thank you karma. i got takeout with Boy for our anniver-scary. we made out.

5 snacks i enjoy:
1. apple rings (duh)
2. graham crackers
3. chips and salsa
4. grapes
5. vodka. what? it's totally a snack.

5 songs i know the words to: just so you know, this is totally ridiculous. i know the words to a jabillion songs. so this will now become songs that i do a karaoke without looking at the lyrics screen.
1. "sweet child of mine" - guns n' roses
2. "crazy" patsy cline
3. "maryjane" alanis morissette
4. "total eclipse of the heart" bonnie tyler
5. "no rain" blind melon (dressed as the bee girl. fo' real yo.)

5 things i'd do with $100 million:
1. pay bills, mine and others
2. buy a house for me and one for *begin pikey accent* me maah
3. buy Boy a ducati
4. open a business, maybe a bar or crafting place. maybe a crafting place where you can get hammered and make doilies! sweet!
5. travel around to places i've never seen and meet blog people.

5 places i'd run away to:
i cannot tell you, because then you might find me. but i will tell you three places i have run away to before: my boyfriend's best friend's house (at age 15, to get away from my foster family), rhode island (at age 22, to clear my mind about my fiance), california (last year, people, with my loverBoy. pay attention.)

5 things i'd never wear:
i agree with valancy jane. there's a time and place for everything. except maybe clogs.

5 biggest joys:
1. cheerios and diet coke (not mixed, but both for breakfast)
2. other assorted foods (i can only pick 5!)
3. seeing other people happy because someone (possibly me) did something nice for them
4. my friends and family, including this beast.
5. writing, so by default, this here blahhhhg. <---i'm from the Bean, remember?

5 favourite toys:
1. accents
2. sewing machine
3. Boy
4. my computers
5. finger puppets

what is cool at my place:
the reverend.

now here's where i'm sposed to "tag" people, but i generally don't pass this kind of stuff along. you know, stuff like chain letters, memes, and crabs. although i wouldn't mind reading calzone's answers, or hearing monkey's. that's right. i want an audio post.

and i will get one.

or else.*

*or else i will not make you any pants! and you will be shamed in public by your hoo hah forever!


Blogger Bonanza JellyBean said...

I was a sinner, until I saw...

The Reverend HH.

I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Now, I KNOW you didn't tag me because, and only because, I'm on hiatus, right? Cause otherwise you would have tagged me.


Blogger Tel said...

Love that you love diet coke. As much as me? That and a cigarette. Me and BQ partake in both when we meet up.

And yay for the girl in the beamer! There really are nice yuppies out there!

Blogger Monkey said...

You won't make me pants?? You are just too cruel. Cruelty is thy name Miss Kendra.

OK... I'm it. And in an Audio Post too. I like fingerpuppets too. Particularly ones of the crickets.

Blogger robiewankenobie said...

okay, so how much do i love your rags to riches story? so much. like the obviously kick ass girl stuck in crappy circumstances who keeps on truckin' and is now an obviously kick ass girl who is happy in the sunshine states. warms my wee little heart, it does.*

*written by a gal who may or may not have recently aquired one or more pairs of clogs to go with her stripy winter socks.

Blogger Calzone said...

I'll do it dude man. Are you telling me you quit smoking pot?? It's natures candy. Might take me a few days. Monkey loves to be threatened.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY want to come hang out at your craft-store bar. Therefore, if *I* had zillions of dollars, I would totally finance it for you.

Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

Unles your craftstore bar allows you to make bar crafts, like piles of napkins and/or mathces, I'm not going.

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

I'm SO going. I'd get hammered and make dolies with you, any day.

Thanks for the link and FYI there are some halloween finger puppets now...

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