October 31, 2005
i always wanted to be a princess

happy halloween, internets!

i'm much to busy being celebratory right now, and you know, skinning little children to sacrifice to the dark lord, but i thought i'd show you a little bit of what's happening here at my work.

i used to live in salem, where halloween is kind of a big deal. this has left me jaded and bitter when it comes to halloween elsewhere, though i hear the west hollywood parades get pretty riotous. i am sorely disappointed that i missed saturday's drag race and pageant.

of course it being a middle/high school, there were the usual kinds of costumes, slutty pirates, slutty fairies, slutty sluts. but then there was some unusual fare, like the group of girls dressed as ostrich farmers, as demonstrated on google images by this guy:

or the girls wearing leather dresses and bloody handprints. i think they were vampires? then there were some bowling pins, a violet beauregarde, bjork (swan dress! she wore a swan dress!) and a spectacular angel of death:

and assorted faculty and staff, dressed to impress (men in schoolgirl uniforms? check.) might i present a few personal favorites:

zee sveeedish cheff, bork bork bork!

blossom, bubbles and buttercup!

humphrey, the ultra-scary and terrifying dragon!

pretty pretty princesses.
snow white, sleeping beauty, belle, and cinderella

i look a little weird in that picture, but i will sacrifice some vanity to bring y'all into my life.

just as long as you keep in mind that if i had photoshop on this p.o.s. computer here at work, you better believe i'd be blurring, cropping and retouching big piles (HUGE piles) of vanity right back in there.

we also had a marvelous villain:

i know this kind of storyline crossing can really mess with people,
but i won't tell if you don't.

and i have a sneaking suspicion that somewhere along the line that rat bastard walt disney sold a few vials of my dna...

they're cute and everything,
but i'm totally the prettiest of them all.


Blogger Quirkalot said...

I can't believe that child is wearing such an amazing amount of lipstick! Hey, hasn't her mother ever heard of lip-liner? Actually, those kids are friggin' adorable. I'm kind of glad we had no school today because I betcha many of my students would come as Lil' Kim, J Lo, Tupac, and Kanye West (actually, they do that on normal days).

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) You are indeed the prettiest; your sassy new 'do fits PERFECTLY. It's hard to imagine someone so SWEET looking could harbor such evil, but that's what makes you so irresistible, right? But I'm LOVE, LOVE, LOVIN that angel of death!!! What a great outfit!!! And she even has the redeye to seal the deal!!!

Blogger Monica said...

Awesome costume pictures, But you are the prettiest of all. Now, if you will just tell me this apple is ok....just a lick, no roofies, I swear.

Blogger robiewankenobie said...

seriously. the mini me kiddies? just a badly xeroxed version of the far superior original.

Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

Halloween makes the baby Jesus cry.

Blogger Libby said...

I bought that same Angel of Death costume, and couldn't bring myself to get dressed up this year :(

She looks way hotter than I do anyway :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

cute, real cute.

I went to a friends house and studies my Latin declensions whilst they played hackey-sack.

Halloween sans Salem sucks.. it does.


Blogger Auntie Sassy said...

See? Had you TOLD me what you were dressing up as I would have totally been your Little Mermaid...or your Jasmine...the tail might get in the way of the drinking.

Blogger GEORGE! said...

sleeping beauty is hot...

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