September 13, 2005

i'm really sorry. i'm trying right now to convince the current landlord that he can let us out of our lease one week early so that we can move into the new place and not be completely broke and living in refrigerator boxes.

it's one week. i think he can manage.

i am working on a very important post though, so tomorrow you should have plenty of stuff to do at work.

when you're not working.

because that's what you do there, 100% of the time, i'm sure.

here's a teaser... who might this be? (i warholized her. i can press buttons on this computer and they do things!)

oh! oh! and i added two new links under *worldwideweb* that are, um, pages i made to just put more links on. which i haven't done yet... so never mind.

*hands in pockets, hunched shoulders... slinks away*


Blogger Beeb said...

i like to do other stuff at work when i'm not working even though i have way too much shit to do and i should be doing my work things instead of messing around on the computer but i'd rather do that even though i get paid to do real work but if i don't do it does it really matter anyway?....


i can't wait to read it and hear that you aren't living in a refrigerator box.

Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

Wait wait wait. What in the hell is "work"?

Blogger Dirtytaint said...

random acts of anonymous violence against the above stated proprietor of your current domicile is always a viable option

Blogger Mo-Pie said...

Does it have anything to do with red spotted midsections?

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