September 30, 2005
this birthday will last forever

*lounges naked in pile of giftcards, throwing them up in the air and watching them fall like pretty money filled snowflakes*

if i use these wisely, i will still be getting birthday presents in january! sweet!

here's the take so far (and i say so far because i am aware of at least three more gifts in transit):

one (1) amazon giftcard from the bootylicious chantel.

one (1) pair of argyle sneakers, in lime and apple green (woot!), from the blogless Squiggle. for shame, Squiggle! blog, blog, blog like you've never blogged before!

one (1) white tube shirt covered in tiny black jolly rodgers from vanessa, who i just met like last week but is clearly very cool.

one(1) really bad choice from senate, who probably also voted for spirit-crushing monotony.

one (1) gift certificate (from my obscenely wonderful and not at all boss-like bosses) for the happiest place on earth. which led to a spontaneous metamorphosis, where in i suddenly became this.

it was scary, but worth it.

one (1) gift box from beeb in connecticut, containing a scarf that was clearly intended to be mine from the day the polyesters sacrificed their lives in the yarn factory, as well as a pillow that is rather grass like (which though gifted to me, has been passed along to the reverend.) AND! there's more! smelly stuff (i think you edjimacated folks call it perfume) that i love and was perfectly timed because i just threw out all my old perfume (it smelled like working for the beast). so woot woot! and a random jar to be filled with apple rings! and matchbooks from her wedding because airport security TOOK MINE AWAY. mean mean mean mean mean!!!!

stuff from my parents is en route, and there's a rumor going around that kady's pet sent me (squeee!!!) a digital camera. too bad it's not already here, because then you would have pictures of all this junk. including the new shower curtain i just bought, which is very cool

Boy claims there is another package coming for me, but he has already given me a gift certificate to zappos because i only have like 25 pairs of shoes. which is not enough.

it's never enough.

he also had a bonsai delivered to my work, and the best part is it's a miniature wine grape tree, which means soon i will be making miniature wine. and getting miniature drunk.

which leads me to last night, when Boy took me out to tam o'shanter, and he wore a collared shirt and i almost kissed his face off on the way there because he was so handsome. we had drinks (someone needs to take me out drinking more often, because it's not right that i got a good buzz of just two vodka drinks.) and shrimp cocktail and filet mignon and prime rib... and he had yorkshire pudding and a trifle and bread pudding... and we went home and nearly exploded but it was so. good.

and so expensive! $130!!! we could eat at weinerschnitzel for a month-- and we would.

and then there was some, you know, "dessert." wink wink nudge nudge know what i mean know what i mean.

alllllll right.


Blogger Beeb said...

"gigity gigity"....

love love.

Blogger Tel said...


Ohhhh yeah... "dessert" is the best part.

Blogger Calzone said...

I love it when you call me boy..Thanks for dinner!!

Blogger Dan said...

The best part of that entire post (for me anyway) was the Monty Python reference at the end! Chicks don't reference Monty Python very often. Your cool factor just went up!

Blogger Malnurtured Snay said... kicks so much booty.

Blogger GEORGE! said...

giggity giggity goo!

Loves me some quag.

Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) Sounds like a wonderful time. You're a much loved gurl, and Boy's a lucky boy!!

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