September 08, 2005
the plague

i have come down with some sort of disease. my torso is covered in hives. like so. if i had a digital camera i could post a recent picture, instead of having to draw little red dots on this other lady who does not even begin to compare to my immeasurable levels of hotness. so send calamine and digital cameras, or i will be forced to demonstrate my pain further.

like this.

i am itchy and still at work.

pity me.


Blogger Mo-Pie said...

The first picture was funny, the second picture was even funnier.

Well, it's either chicken pocks or gun shot wounds. With this last picture, it could be a case of tomato critters. I haven't seen a case of those in a while.

Anonymous laurie said...

Obviously ... A POX IS UPON YOUR HOUSE. And, wow, Heidi Klum! Give me back my bod! heh heh

I reccommend Aveeno oatmel bath stuff. I get hives a lot from stress and also, nature, which hates me. Aveeno helps. Feel better soon!!

Blogger Beeb said...

I had tomato critters once. They started out as a green spot then turned juicy and red. did they start out green?

I do hope you feel better, girlie! I do not like when you are sick. Have Boy bring you some Ramen...and let me know if he doesn't make it as good as I do.

Then I'll bring you some.

Blogger Quirkalot said...

Oh no. Not hives! I just got those yesterday...freaky.

Blogger Grend31 said...

benadryl baby
and if that does not work
scratch until they bleed

i would rather have
the pain and blood instead of
that constant itching

(i'm not much help today am i?)

Blogger Megann said...

Benadryl is your bestest friend right now. Seriously. I like the cream, as it zaps the itch right away. but you can't do that and take one by mouth at the same time. Why? I guess you'll just fall alseep in 10 minutes instead of 25. Can you tell I get hives so super often? They suck. I'd say if they are big and mean and covering lotsa space, take the Benadryl by mouth. If they are smaller and covering not so much space, use some cream.

Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

I agree. You need to mainline some benadryl. Then take one of those needles to the chest ala Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. That should clear you up in no time.

Blogger Mo-Pie said...

Pox? What are pox?

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