September 23, 2005
fridays are stoopid good

this morning when i got to work i dropped my tupperware full of lunch on the ground and it shattered.

my tupperware full of balsamic-dressed spinach salad. stinky.

alas, i was lunchless. but miracle of miracles the lack of lunch was corrected by an unexpected free lunch for all employees! woot!

later, the whole school went on a field trip to see king tut today. he's still dead.

and my spirits were lifted by the introduction of a new song to faculty choir. (yes, i am in the faculty choir. i sing like an angel. a very very naughty angel.)

*sings and tries to control urge to shimmy shake* this thing called love... i just can't handle it... this thing called love... i must get around to it... i ain't ready (empahsis on ready) for the crazy little thing called love.

*opens jeweled capelet, bows and half sneers* thank you-- thank you very much.

we are also singing leonard cohen's hallelujah, some hebrew round (you'd think being all jew-like i would be more interested, but meh), and the theme from peter gunn. you are totally jealous.

and then came the following interaction:
me: um, your excellency? supreme and all powerful ChoirLeader? it appears that i have misplaced my sheet music. i fear i may have left it at home. *meek voice* do you have one i could borrow? please don't smite me.

ChoirLeader: sure, cool. here you go. (he's so agreeable! i could just squish him!)

me: i'm really sorry. it's just so early, i forgot. sooooo early. y'all are lucky i remembered to put clothes on.

male coworker who reads my blog: hehehe. *looks around mischeivously*

me: you can say it. i worked in a restaurant. nothing you could say will bother me.

male coworker: i mean it in a flattering way.

me: *blush* this will so be on the internet later...

when i realized this coworker reads my blog there was a brief moment wherein i was a little concerned that i might embarrass myself, but then i remembered i have no shame, and all was well again.

besides, it's not like i write anything i might not want my coworkers to see.

have a good weekend! only 5 more shopping days till my birthday!

and still no digital camera...


Blogger Dirtytaint said...

don't fall off the choir riser.

Blogger Tel said...

What day is your birthday, exactly?

Blogger miss kendra said...

thursday. and dammit if the forecast calls for wednesday being a good night for drinkin.

Blogger Auntie Sassy said...

Excuse my squirrely ignorance, but isn't tupperware supposed to be designed specifially for people like us...who are inclined to drop it, kick it, sit on it and possible drive over it with our car? WTF? I would have a stern talking to with my local tupperware lady if I were you Miss Kendra.

Blogger crasspersonality said...

Co-workers reading my blog would be enough to make me quit. Boo! to that.

Blogger karla said...

I've done that exact thing before--dropping my tupperware container of salad and watching it go flying every direction.

But no one bought me lunch afterward. I gotta get a better job.

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