September 02, 2005
28 days and counting

i realize it's not like i have rotting corpses floating by the wreckage of my home/neighborhood/life, and not that i am not completely distraught over the misery those poor poor people are enduring even with out the jerks that keep looting and raping and making it generally worse for everyone, but can i be a little selfish for a minute and just say


i cannot deal with their tiny little legs crawling all over my furniture and food and probably my face at night while i'm sleeping.

new mantra. tomorrow will be better.


Anonymous laurie said...

Kendra-- if you have any luck at all with the chalk, please let me know and I will commandeer large amounts of it for you and send it in a much more timely manner, please forgive me for being so slow!

Hugs to you -- it's been an awful week, and a prayer to The Big One: please Ant King, make the ants go away.

Blogger CommonWombat said...

I have ants in my place too! I can't figure out why, it's not like I leave cookies lying out all over the floor or some- Crap.

Okay, note to self: Pick up the cookies lying all over the floor.

Blogger dr.M said...

GAH - I hate hate hate ants. You poor thing! We had them in our last place to, and eBoy's response was always *shrug*.

I have no advice that's helpful because I was never able to get rid of them, I just started spraying "Country Scent" Raid on a daily basis all over my house.

Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

Try Sevin dust. It worked like a charm for me. We've been ant free for a week now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had ants -- they were little teeny ones. I accidentally sprayed them with Mandarin & Coriander all purpose cleaner (which smells really good) and they died on contact. I went on a mission and sprayed all of them in my house and then kept doing it for a few days and they never came back. is where you can check out this wonderful, non-toxic ant killer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kendra,

I had ants problems two weeks ago.
Have been trawling the web to find some tips.
Here what I've got :
wash surfaces and entrance with vinegar (in my case, I just pour the vinegar in front of my kitchen door) and I put 2-3 cubes of sugar about 1 metre away from my kitchen door in the garden.
That keeps the ants happy and not entering my kitchen anymore

Hope it helps


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