August 19, 2005

the wonderful and highly entertaining Squiggle is on vacation till next friday, which makes my job far less interesting, but i'm sure with all this crimson room stuff floating around i will pull through.

before she left, however, she did ask that i start blogging about things i might like for my birthday, which is approaching. hey, it's the least i can do. someone wants to by me stuff? well, gee... let me think about that one.


i would like laser hair removal and health insurance (damn you, peep! damn you to hell!). also, many books and cds, which you may view at your convenience on amazon, by searching for my wishlist (which is in no particular order.). i would also like a digital camera, which i'm sure comes as a huge surprise. i also like vintage clothes and the like, so if you know me outside the worldwideweb and for some reason are privy to my fantabulous measurements (or the addresses of local vintage shops that sell gift cards), feel free to indulge my inner clothes-horse. i look nice in green.

other than that, not much is happening. i still have a headache, although the melon baller has been returned to its drawer. though i'm still palming this nice toothbrush shiv that moocow smuggled out from his last stint in prison.

oh, and i totally outbid that little witch who thought she could win a shirt so clearly made for me. you love it.


Blogger Quirkalot said...

yep, that's YOUR shirt and no one else's.

Blogger Quirkalot said...

Hey, when you mention your friends, you forgot me. I'm crushed! I miss you, too.

Blogger Beeb said...

i don't think i've ever seen a shirt more perfect for would go great with those lime green pants we bought at old dem things.

Blogger Racheal said...

That shirt is adorable.

This whole list sounds alot like my Christmas list, besides that mine has an iPod mini on it. (Not that I'll be getting one.) O, and yes, I'm writing my Christmas list in August.

Blogger kevinharolds5314 said...

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Blogger karla said...

Damnit, I want laser hair removal too! I keep trying to convince my husband that's what I want, but he doesn't think it's a good gift. But it's perfect, because it's something I'm too cheap to buy for myself. Tell you what: I'll get it for you for your bday and you get it for me for mine.

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