August 11, 2005
my first meme

before we get down to business with this "meme" thingie, i'd like address a few things.

number one. it has come to my attention that i am a blog stalker. i know more about these people who i have never met than i do about people who i see daily. i have been living Here for just about a year and i don't really have any friends. i mean, Squiggle (see what happens when you wish for a blog name, sherriann? you end up with Squiggle.) and my most excellent boss are swell, but that doesn't help me one bit outside of the office. my boss has something called "kids" and Squiggle doesn't "go out" that much it seems, so i still have no one with which to consume large amounts of vodka and sequins and yarn. 'cause boozy crafts make the best gifts. i'm thinking of having labels made. something like
made for you with love, a pint of vodka and saftey goggles.
because damn, those needles are sharp.

no? oh well. anyway, as i was catching up on my reading this morning, i realized that all my stalkees live in minneapolis or san francisco. excluding beeb, of course, who lives in westbum, connecticut, and dr. mackn, who has recently relocated to beaverton, home of the stripclub/steakhouse. avert your eyes! it's so beautiful it hurts!

given this evidence, and using the very scientific method of jumping to random conclusions that it has taken me 24 years to perfect, i conclude the following: i only like people who are far far away from me. *sigh* looks like i better start surfing blogspot for some locals to do actual stuff with. like eat chinese food. i'm hungry. otherwise i'll end up all pasty and stuck to my chair in the basement, addicted to internet porn and trolling the worldwideweb for more "friends."

wait a minute. that could never happen. there are no basements in california. saved.

so then number two. if you read the comments on the post below, you will notice that i have comment spam. i don't know how they found me, but i feel a little cooler knowing that kristy has blog spam, and now i do too. moocow as yet has no blog spam, and clearly he should have received spam before i did. does this mean moocow is the spammer? probably not, but it doesn't hurt to randomly point fingers, right? :) now i must decide whether or not to block anonymous users. because i'm not sure it will help. they'll just start typing in ridiculous names, like "kendra" and "seymour butts" and "allotta fagina." hehehe. fagina.

and speaking of names, may i present the name meme. as seen on the listlist.
1. porn star name: (name of first pet / street you live on
penny normandie

2. movie star name: (name of your favorite snack food / grandfather's first name)
apple george (what the...)

3. fashion designer name: (first word you see on your left / favorite restaurant
cash fire & ice

4. exotic alias: (favorite spice / last foreign vacation spot)
pepper nowhere

5. socailite name: (silliest childhood nickname / town where you first partied
puff gloucester

6. icon name: (something sweet within sight / any liquid in your kitchen)
cookie cabernet

7. detective name: (favorite baby animal / where you went to high school)
monkey waring

8. barfly name: (last snack food you ate / your favorite alcoholic drink)
graham cracker martini

9. soap opera name: (middle name / street where you first lived)
suzanne estes

10. starwars name: (first 2 letters of your first name and the first 3 letters from your last name makes your first name / first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name and the first 3 letters of the city you were born in)
kemil adbev

11. rock star name: (favorite candy / last name of a favorite musician)
nerds phair (i'm a nerd fair. *giggle* coming to a fairplex near you)

class dismissed.


Blogger Beeb said...

is this the list i keep 'hear'ing about?

Blogger miss kendra said...

no. that's something else. that's a list of naughty things. i don't have a list like that because i am pure and chaste and virginal.

what! i totally am.

this meme came from thelistlist.

Blogger Jesster said...


Blaming everything on MooCow is always a good plan!

Blogger MooCow said...

*shakes fist at everyone involved* Nuh uh.

The only LA blog I read on a semi-regular basis is Kingdom by the sea.

And I think I'm going to change my name to puff gloucester...

Blogger MooCow said...

Only other....

I so meant other. I did!

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Blogger sunnee said...

I took a wrong turn next to the Taco Bell and the "Stalkers'R'Us" store and ended up here. I do hope there are party snacks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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