August 09, 2005
if i had $350

i'd be half way to paying back my parents for the month's rent they gave me the second time my bank account was stolen here in sunny c.a. or knee deep in apple rings, whatever. that there is the beauty of hollywood, my friends. twice stolen in less than six months. and all i got was this lousy t shirt. so. *warning* those of you with weak stomachs might not want to continue. because this next part is a little rough.

you see, for people that live Here, $350 is such a non-issue that they will spend it on many important things, like one tenth of a pair of shoes (good thing you lost that toe in the pool filter, huh?), a haircut or a swimsuit that under no circumstances may be worn in the water because it is quite possible made of papier mache. or you know, a regular monthly bill.


and in case you missed it, that's yoga. for. dogs. sherriann (who is still a raging squiggle, just in case you were concerned) heard all about it on the radio this morning. and relayed this pressing news break to me. all i can say, is thank goodness she did. because otherwise, i never would have thought this:

click for big.

*sings*...'ello my name is simon, i like to do drawings...


Blogger Beeb said...

my fav: warrior pose. very well drawn and the blue box hides his (blue?) balls pretty well.

Blogger Grend31 said...

Is this like Shih Tzu shiatsu?

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