August 08, 2005
i am so good at the subtlety

there is something i need. it is shiny and mechanical and hard to the touch. no no no, you sickos. i already have one of those. i need a digital camera. because i would have so many cool things to show you, but i can't be writing about things all half-assedly. so you have to wait. and seeing as y'all missed the boat on buying me one for friendship day, it could be a while. hint hint.

i want to show you:
- proof that i am actually an 83 year old woman trapped in a hot reasonable 24 year old body. or, more accurately, that i am a power crocheter. i am less good at the knitting. despite my valiant and admirable efforts. admire my efforts, bitches!

- food. because sometimes i make things that are pretty. last night i made something that looked like poop.

- where i live, including but not necessarily limited to: my actual apartment, my street, my neighboorhood (including the lawn-pooping couch-burning crack house neighbors) and my general driving radius, which should give you access to some pretty entertaining people, like the lady who cleans her peep at the bus stop on the corner. imagine the fun we could have here, people.

- the places i went this weekend and what i got there (i will actually write about that tomorrow i think, once Boy videos what i got so i can use single frames as digital pictures. because i would go through that technological nightmare in order to provide visual aids to you. because i care that much.
until then, you will have to close your eyes and picture our new roomate. that's right. the ants brought a friend. initially we thought it was a picklehair tumbleweed, but then we realized (as it scurried beneath our fridge) it's a mouse. and only 53 more days left till the lease is up! thank goodness! i thought it was like a month or so. so it's not that bad, right?


please help me.


Blogger Beeb said...

*virtual hug* Live with me...the dogs and JJ would have to move out for that to happen (because my house is so damn small) but I can run it by him and see what he thinks about it. OR I can run out there with Chewy and he'll take care of the pests...and teach Pickles how to be a dog. Two-fer!

Blogger Grend31 said...

a haiku for you:

save up money for
a digital camera
pictures tell stories

Anonymous Cj said...

Is it weird to admit I actually want to buy you a camera just so I can see what you will take pictures of?

Blogger miss kendra said...

totally not weird. in fact, i suggest going with your incredibly good gut instincts on this one.


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