August 10, 2005
blogging on ice (and the thing i did this weekend)

my office is negative 135492835061893605189463 degrees. i am officially an eskimo. i have begun construction of my igloo, but with this kind of funding, do not expect it to be finished until early oh, just about never. but i'm thinking of starting some ice capades. because everyone loves capades. and wouldn't you know it... looks like i'll be needing a costume. you're laughing now, but just wait till i get that digital camera and you see that i meant it. also, i think this level of long term exposure could have something to do with TheColdThatWillNotDie. send tissues. my sleeve is getting kinda soggy.

and now the other thing. cuz my body is my temple.

so those of you that are lucky enough to know me in "real life" know that i have a fugly tattoo on my side. i got it when i was sixteen people. don't judge. either way, its presence on my body is inherently wrong, and thus it must be destroyed. so Boy and i have been traipsing around los angeles county searching for an artist to trust with this project. because the cover up i want? well, it's big.

we went to the places on melrose because, "like omigod, they are totally the best." but turns out they really weren't. we didn't see any portfolios that were all that peechie. and some of the "artists"? asshats. thinking they're all superior because they tattoo in hollywood and can charge $200 an hour. whooopiedeedoo. (i love the wedding singer). hollywood smells like pee. still proud?

and while drinking on the job might be appropriate for some, like cops and taxi drivers and babysitters, well, those of you weilding mechanized needles? i'm gonna suggest otherwise.

anyway, we drove to a jabillion places and ended up at this place in pasadena. and hi. pasadena? hot. forget africa hot. the new measure is "valley hot." anyway. this place we found is a little seedy in appearance, but fully air conditioned and chock full of friendly(!), talented, available (!!) and reasonably priced (*gasp!!!!!!*)tattoo artists. within a completely doable distance. and without all the posing and hipness. breath of fresh air.

actually, you probably shouldn't breathe too deep. it's still LA.

so we went in and the guy (who shall be known here as Miyagi... and not because i like love pat morita, though i do--- and should he be reading this by some brilliant act of god, let me just say love you miyagi-san! if you need a greencard, look me up!--- but because that's his actual name. he's got the morita seal of approval.) well, he took all Boy's drawings and is working them into some sort of nifty piece for Boy's arm. so. to summarize, i went in there to discuss the craptastic tattoo on my side and came out with this:

click for big

they're even. i'm just standing funny. and now close up...



Anonymous hutch said...

cool tattoos! funny how that happens... you walk in to talk and next thing you know you get inked.

Blogger Racheal said...

Awesome tattoos. I like the birds especially.

Blogger Beeb said...

very funny how that get a call and the next thing you know, you're getting a tattoo an hour later. weird.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Montgomery Q said...

Did I read it too fast or did you way you had a tattoo on your SIDE that needed to get removed? I need to go back adnd re-read. Anyway, love the blog, and I'm making it a bookmark. Sorry to hear about the bank account.

I just went back and re-browsed...damn, it's like a female version of me. The color purple, the frequent Wait. my urine isnt purple.

Blogger Montgomery Q said...

"I first met Kendra at a pub called the ramside Durham."

You need to go find the song "Olga I Cannot" from the Toy Dolls. Download and consume immediately.

Blogger Grend31 said...

Two birds flying into a dark sun... any symbolism there we should be made aware of?

Blogger Quirkalot said...

Absolutely the best art on your body.

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