August 23, 2005
binging and purging

don't get your panties all in a bunch kids.

this post will not be about throwing up, although i realized last night that seems to come up alot in my stories. instead, we will be discussing my current ebay binge, the subsequent purging of my closet, and its ramifications on my wallet.

and in plain english: i spent alot of money this month, now i have to sell some crap, and i'm poor. po', in fact. someone send me that extra "or."

done and done.

now, the booty! no no. not like j.lo style booty. i definately can't compete on that one, which is a shame because Boy likes some ass. can i buy an ass on ebay? silly question! of course i can. anyway, the booty of which i speak is pirate booty. yay pirates*! but ack! not the trader joe's kind! because, hello? cheese? *looks around suspiciously* you people are trying to kill me.

booty = treasure = i bought some new stuff at aardvark's, which is a swellerific vintage type clothing store Here. i bought two new cardigans with pearly buttons (paying careful attention to the itchy factor, as most cardigans are too wooly and make me want to peel my skin off before lunch.) i bought new sunglasses with rhinestones (ooooh! ahhhh!) which i'm sure i will break by october, and a semi-glittery silver shirt that's fitted and of which Boy said, "that shirt will look good with no bra." i cannot vouch for whether this statement is true or not, but let's just assume that nakedness ensued.

i also bought a weird patterned shirt that is ugly as an uma thurman bad day on the hanger, but looks like and uma good day on me! and a soft floppy raiders t-shirt, because LA has made me ghetto. and this dress! look here! it's so orange!
and also these shoes! aunty sassy! you love them!

(note to self: continue posting crapilicious pictures until someone gives in a buys you that goddam camera. Boy. Kady's Pet. Beeb. i'm looking at you, on this one.)

not to mention the gazillion things i've purchased on ebay in the last month. and the item which i will show you pictures of tomorrow... because i'm buying it today...
hint: it's awfully cow-ie. mwa ha ha ha.

before i go buy whatever it is i'm buying today, i just want to get a few things off my beautifully proportioned chest. (plain english: i have nice boobies.)

please, neighbors, do not let your dog poop right in the middle of the sidewalk and then not pick it up. gross.

and isn't dooce's dog just the cutest thing? he and pickles should be penpals. i bet he doesn't poop right where i'd be walking. of course he poops in utah...

sorry for this junk post, but i have to use my lunch break to go buy more stuff. so this is being done um, on my coffee break? beause i'm totally working? really hard and stuff? (p.s. Squiggle- i have your seven dollars!)

*for more information on pirates and their connection to flying spaghetti, visit his noodly appendage.


Blogger Tel said...


I love misc. posts. That had a lot of great information. I hope that you don't have to get rid of too much. Thanks for the entertainment, the comment on my site, and don't work too hard.

Blogger AnonymousCoworker said...

Sweet tatts.

Anonymous Skylar said...

Girl, I swear you kill me in such a good way. Because when I'm working, I need this fun, miscellaneous schtuff!

Blogger Auntie Sassy said...

Those sparkly shoes kick ass do your little stars.
On a side note, you have GOT to stop talking about ebay. I've curbed my addiction for a few months, but now my mouth is watering and all I can think about is finding this sterling silver collar necklace that I've been looking everywhere for.

Blogger Beeb said...

Since, I cannot afford to send you a digi camera (or the camera itself!)-I can tell you that ebay has wonderful cameras if you decide to have a garage sale for all the stuff you've been buying....or the old stuff you are replacing. ;)

Blogger Quirkalot said...

I'll buy you a camera for your birthday, but you have to call me and give me your address first. Oh, and my birthday's on Thursday. i don't need a gift, but I'm very alone down here, so please show some love or something. Write a blog post about our relationship, etc..

Blogger miss kendra said...

geez, lady. i know when your freakin birthday is. what kind of crappy friend do you think i am!

Blogger Grend31 said...

somewhere in the net
you know someone yearns for some
sweet cold plastic ass

Blogger Whit said...

Ebay is my worst addiction. It's always so exciting to arrive home to a shiny new package!

Anonymous keilo said...

I'm new to the internet but I am an absolute ebay nut. I have started to put together ebay buying site. Ebay selling will hopefully follow.

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