July 26, 2005
why i don't do fantasy

transcript of the text messaging that occured this morning:
Boy: imagine if i showed up at your work as the ups guy
me: i would totally love it. i would blush so hard.
Boy: what if i was on a horse
Boy: or a dragon
me: i would explode

it's true. i might. but alas, dragons and horses are way expensive. maybe general mills can buy us a dragon instead? if not, let me illustrate what this afternoon might look like if we were as rich as britney and kevin federline. because i guarantee it's better than "chaotic." being bobby brown, though... well, they do crack.

here you go. this is what i did at lunch.
click for big.

and yes, the dragon has no tail. he lost it in 'nam.

oh... the filmfest i'm doing is this weekend, so if anyone is local...
it's all about the hype.


Blogger Beeb said...

love the drawing! i'm jealous of your lunch capabilities...i'm working for slave drivers!

Anonymous Marcie said...

Why would I read Howard Stern's private parts. What I mean is...what do you mean?

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