July 11, 2005
while the cat's away

the Boy will play. at his local neighborhood thai gay bar. yay! (rhyming couplets? awesome.)

down the street from our apartment is a tiny little bar that has very cheap drinks. mmmm, 4 dollar lychee martini. we like it there. usually we go together, but seeing as i was headed off for an evening full of liquor and sedimentary animals, the bar seemed a valid option for Boy. sometimes they show kung-fu hustle on their tiny tvs. sometimes cher or j-lo in concert. differences? kung-fu hustle is better- than j-lo. cher trumps all.

anyway, apparently friday night is quite a bit more exciting than any night we've been there. picture Boy, complete with hat tan and scruffy facial hair, entering the bar in search of beer (just plain beer)... only to find a cavalcade of small asian men dancing around one very clean cut (waxed and glistening, even) fratboy type, wearing something like this. and that's all. and apparently it was sheer. Boy was also delighted to note that each time the fratboy undulated his taut and nubile hips and thighs, the light reflected off what could only be described as some sort of ring. that's right. my boyfriend saw some fratboy's penis ring. and stayed.

he let these guys buy him beer. all. night. long. someone squeezed his bicep and asked if he works out. he told them, "no. i just work." and then someone grabbed his butt (my butt! did i give you permission?) and offered him a job in the industry. and actually said, "we can work it out. you know, for money or for favors." skeevy casting couch dialogue? check. someone wants Boy's favors! i am simultaneously amused and concerned.

so when my big brother called on friday night, we had the following conversation:
brother: so what are you up to?

me: i'm drunk in vegas.

brother: wow. that's so great. i know you were looking forward to doing something fun with Boy. where are you guys staying?

me: oh... um, i'm with PromDate (who he knows as crazy radio show guy) and some stranger. Boy's at the gay bar.

brother: *silence*

me: hello?

brother: i think i missed something.



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