July 15, 2005
where in the world is carmen sandiego?

where i work there is (apparently) a designated pooping bathroom. it is a single stall with no awkward foyer area for people to wait in. clearly ideal for pooping. but even if you were blind and couldn't see the layout, you could tell it's for pooping because it always smells like poop. and some kind of melon. this leads me to air freshener etiquette.
please keep the frou-frou scents out of the bathroom. berry bliss and summer rain and country linen are swell in the bedroom or living room, but bathrooms demand lysol, or some equally as chemical scented variant. otherwise we end up with a room that smells like poop and fruit salad. thank you.

and to answer the title question, she's in the gallery.

actually, where is kristy? hey, wait. she lives in san diego... AHA. mystery solved. kristy is a cartoon spy, who is clearly not writing because she is busy doing cartoon spy things. like messing with the mountain dew machines.

i am too tired today to write a real post. i need to do that thing they call sleep. the exterminator (aka "my hero") comes today, so pickles is hanging out at work with me.

so in light of my failure to rock today, may i direct you to moocow, and please, take comfort in the hope that i will get some of that there"rest" (i know, i know, i had to look it up too) and be back up and running maybe tomorrow?

thanks. seacrest out.


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