July 01, 2005
um, yes i did.

so kristy has this thing called 'breezy elegance.' it should mean when you are actually elegant, ala Jackie O. but instead, it means when you are the complete opposite, ala me, today, when i actually literally peed my pants.

at Work.

that's right.

part of my job is to cover the receptionist (hi sherriann!) while she takes her lunch, meaning i have to sit up front and answer the phones. and not leave the desk. not even to go to the bathroom. thus the peeing. this is so not a good first impression for me to be making on my new eFriends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kendra, i think you're taking too much inspriation from Kristy :-)

I love the design (is it a template?) of your blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoops, Linnaeus may be a screenname, but it's better than just anonymous.

In other words, that last comment is mine too :-)

Anonymous Linnaeus said...

*sigh* I give up......

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

Do you realize this only makes me love you more?

I'm all about humiliation.

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