July 02, 2005
a three hour tour

so i thought maybe it would be helpful for me to tell less and show more. minds out of the gutter, people. oh wait. that means me too. this could take a while. maybe we should come back to that later. here is a picture tour with maybe some captiony-type things so that you can formulate a more detailed judgment about my life. sometimes it's okay to judge. as in: life in massachusetts (the Bean) = fun, friends galore, booze. life in los angeles (Here) = fun, less friends, much less booze. see my problem?

oh and don't think i didn't try to "align" my pictures left and right so that they wouldn't take up so much durn space. but i have safari and explorer (shout out: steve jobs! go apple!)) and it looked different on safari. different meaning bad. so i changed it to look the same on both. what's that you say? my OCD is showing? i know. it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

ok. this at some martini bar that i can't remember the name of... gee isn't that odd. in this picture you will find AlliCat, Lola Fragiola, my ginormous boobs, and MiniMeg. note incredibly large martini glasses. this is not the reason behind Lola's lack of neck function. really. she's just so darn cute.

this is me at MiniMeg's wedding. i am so drunk that light is escaping my armpit. now how will i ever maintain my secret identity?

this here is me and leslie at dodge street. leslie is in a band. she's the hot band chick. in fact, when they were thinking of band names, i suggested "the hot chick and those other guys." they picked something else. but here, well, i'm pretty sure we're drunk. thanks, jack... no really, it's okay, i don't have to call him mr. daniels anymore.

this is me and the AlliCat at store24. we are there to buy gatorade because we are drunk. it's okay, you can stop pretending to be surprised. asking the cashier to take our picture seemed a good idea at the time (2:30 am). ahh, memories. this is actually right before i moved Here.

this here is the Reverend. i love him. (love you, reverend ray!) ray likes school and beer. ray brings me strange things (like crazy middle eastern booze and flashcards that say "raincoat") because ray has been to many strange places. let's play a game... has ray been to turkey? answer: like, twenty times. has ray been to rural china? answer: um, of course. who hasn't? but has ray been to visit me? answer: i am so good at the Guilting. thank you, internet.

and these two fine specimens are the boys i came Here with. in the expanding cardboard hat (it's magic) you'll find The Ken. he is cool. maybe we will go see a movie at hollywood forever*. in the bicycle helmet (on the left), you will find the object of my affections (known here as Boy), who may or may not remain that way since he is going to kill me when he sees this picture on the worldwideweb. sorry. Boy and The Ken used to be roomies in rhode island. then i met Boy and became their weekend roomie. the picture in question was taken at our pre-move yard sale. there are more pictures actually, with other merchandise, i.e. electric carving knife, tricycle, vhs copy of scooby doo. you should be my friend just to see the pictures.

and this is pickles.

i have to eat and sew now.

*hollywood forever is a cemetary that shows movies. tonight: pee wee's big adventure!!! i love this idea!


Anonymous Rod said...

This is my first visit to a blog--any blog. Are they all this clever? What happens if you leave a comment?

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