July 01, 2005
talk hard

things to know:

1. i have no idea how to start this.

2. i eat cheerios every morning and have for nearly my entire life. i secretly believe that one day i will redeem my proofs-of-purchase and general mills will buy me a house. a big yellow house. :)

3. i like the red sox and the dodgers, because i am from boston but live here. this is technically allowed in My Family Rules because they are from two different leagues. if, however, they were to play in the series (i know) i am obligated to be pro-sox. it's the rules. also, i don't much like sports, but baseball is okay because there's hotdogs and beer.

4. desperately seeking my *golden state* but i am not sure exactly what i mean by this as yet. sorry, ninth grade english. no Clear Thesis here.

5. i hate The Math. currently, my job is in an accounting office. doing lots and lots of The Math. also i am working on a film festival, but that is fun and requires little of the Math.

6. i don't gots no "friends" as of yet. i know some people from Work, but crazy aunt purl is more my style. hear that purl? i'm coming for ya!!! we will knit and sew and drink (you wine, me vodka) and i will covet your kitties and vastly superior knitting know-how (don't worry pickles*, my shameless coveting doesn't mean i love you any less).

7. i wonder if maybe this is like a certain movie (insert clever post title) wherein an unreasonably sexy (you have no right, christian slater!!! no right!) and incredibly skinny boy has a pirate radio show (oooh pirates) and thinks no one is listening, but then they blow up their kitchens to prove they are? well, no need to blow up your kitchens. but there is need for pirates. individuals with out eye patch need not apply.

* pickles = my dog.


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