July 29, 2005
sherriann is a squiggle

it's not as dirty as it sounds.

basically, sherriann (who still has no crazy blog name) went to this conference on monday where one of the programs was called "how to handle people who drive you crazy." according to this lady, there are four basic types of people. no one is exactly the profile, but you go by what's most dominant. so they use the s.e.l.f test. (bear with this dry intro. it's buildup.)

s: social. chatty. often a procrastinator. sometimes pushy and overbearing. fast paced. prolly reads chick lit.

e: end. they want you to get the the meat of it and are not interested in details of the story. big picture people. also fast paced. organized. gets things done. reads and cooks dinner simultaneously so as not to waste time.

l: love. wants every one to get along. other people go to this person with their problems. he/she is often the type to have a candy stash in the office. slower paced. very concerned about others. prolly listens to jack johnson.

f: facts. this person is slow paced because they need all the facts and can not move forward until they have them. the phrase that comes to mind is "bump on a log." which incidentally, my fourth grade teacher used to describe the most popular girl in my class, who eventually became less popular and plucked out all of her eyebrows.

these types are also catagorized by shapes. f = square. e = triangle. l = circle. s = squiggle. yes, that is the scientific term. see scientific diagram below.

so after careful deliberation, i have come to terms with the fact that i am somewhere between an s and an e. which is a squiggly ("hello") triangle. which pretty much makes me this:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm a squiggly triangle too!

keep up the bloggin.

Blogger Quirkalot said...

Unwrap and enjoy...
I'm wondering about the pictures you drew. I'm having a hard time reading them. Maybe it's my computer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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