July 06, 2005
prom date redux (also comments and clues!)

PromDate is his name because he was exactly that. twice. i took him to my junior prom because i thought it would be fun. it was. he sewed some black and orange fabric in to his tuxedo pants so that they would match my dress. i took him to my senior prom because my first choice said no (he was my boyfriend. and he said no. red flag! red flag!). and then my second choice got sent to boot camp. PromDate seemed like a good fall back, seeing as how we had so much of the goodtimes the first go 'round. as expected, all pictures indicate me having a swell time. if i can find one i might post it. i was bald that year (thank you pink bics. pink bics are so punk rock.) and i wore a kool-aid blue wig to complement my dress.

so now PromDate will be arriving at some point this evening. he called me sunday night (that's 72 hours in advance, for those of you keeping track) to tell me he would be arriving Here to search for an apartment late tuesday night. i had heard the rumor of his relocation, but i figured Here is a really big place. safe, no?


so he was supposed to stay with someone else (he told me who but i wasn't really listening) but that fell through and now he's hoping he can stay with me. for the week. week! i told him i'd have to call him back.

after much deliberation with Boy and pickles, we agreed* that he and his friend (aaaaargh) could stay for a few nights. contingencies: don't be annoying and don't kick the dog off the couch. he's disabled, for pete's sake. can't a dog get some space to air out his itchy naked parts? (clues to their cause below)

all of this seems pretty clear and minimally painful. except that PromDate and i haven't spoken in some time (some time = years). we were very good friends when i was in high school, then we "dated" for a month, and then marginal friends when i was in college. after we stopped seeing one another he engaged in some questionable behavior (remember the denise show? like that. seriously. he had a radio show.) and so we didn't really hang out too much for a good long while. then we started bumping in to one another and it was less awkward, but still not really friends. and now he's my roomie. woo hoo!

also, i may or may not have been very open about the fact that he has starter size equipment. and now i may or may not have posted it on the worldwideweb.

new topic... duran duran: neither duran nor duran. discuss. and in the meantime, yay for me! crazy aunt purl commented on this here blog and invited me to snb! sherriann (who is sad that she has no weirdo blog name as of yet) noticed the comments first and on the phone said to me:
"do you want to know who commented? you're gonna be excited. don't pee your pants."
hilarious. ha ha ha. but she was right, i was excited. unfortunately, snb is on thursdays, which are all tied up for me this month. i will not meet purl till after hypefest, which those of you within reasonable driving distance better freakin attend. i don't do this stuff for my health, people!

and finally: clues. i was thinking about poor pickles and realized that his "issue" appeared after my trip home to the Bean. and what did pickles do while i was in the Bean? he went to big bear. (sidebar for non-Here people: big bear is not a big bear. it is a woody mountain place.) and what does pickles do when he wants to pee on bushes? he gets inside them. so it could be that all the unpleasantness on his nether regions is due to some horrible and possibly poisonous bush. and as you all know, many an unpleasant nether region has begun in a horrible bush. that's right, i said you know. i definately wouldn't.

i made an appointment to see the vet on saturday.

*agreed meaning came to the conclusion that mom would never forgive me (jewish guilt, people) for turning away the son of her BFF.


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