July 14, 2005
military intelligence.

for those of you who were wondering whether it's true that the military is full of small brains and shrunken equipment, i give you "haji-o-matic," who rudely commented on an entry below using his real military email address. apparently he can't read, seeing as the poor kid in my story never mentioned hookers. i did. but i believe he prolly knows his stuff on the amount of fishnet to quality of hooker ratio.

here is where i had originally posted his email address, so that he could get what's coming to him. like spam. but every once in a while i have a moral or two (they keep growing back), and i figured it might be construed as mean or whatever. so i took it down. and also because i realize he comments on kristy with religion, so he can't be all bad... but those comments? not a good first impression. you can say what you want once you know me. dear.

more later. including more ants.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOOO do tell! do tell! ;)

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