July 07, 2005
little things

i'm sure you'll be happy to know that everyone made it through the night. Boy did not bring up the size of PromDate's junk as he had threatened, and PromDate was actually rather entertaining. i got some good laughing in when i casually and repeatedly brought up the time he slept with CreepyDave's mom.
(sidebar: CreepyDave is creepy because i once caught him peeping-tom style outside my bedroom window. this was a long time ago, when i looked really good naked and should have been okay with people looking. he also drew creepy pictures similar to this guy's. anyway, now he has a creepy mullet and a creepy girlfriend and a strange child named "critter". i am very serious, people.)
but it was nice to talk to someone who could fill me in on gossip. like how PromDate's twin brother, whom we shall call Raphael because of his strong resemblance to a certain teenage mutant ninja turtle (this is not an insult. i loved me some ninja turtles.), has gotten himself all kinds of married. HA! i remember when he was "asexual" and believed that aliens were actually humans from the future. did i mention he used to smoke lots of pot? or that incidentally, these characteristics got him lots of chicks? very clever, grasshopper.

so this morning as i'm creeping about trying not to wake up PromDate and his friend (more on her later), i look down at his ginormous suitcase and think to myself how it is literally big enough that he could have brought his mother inside it. which i wouldn't mind too much. she's a funny lady. but anyway, you know that loop where people usually put their address info in a little laminate slot so that the airport can ship the luggage back to them after it's done with its world tour? well, instead of a little card with the address or name or something normal, there is a picture of said mother. morning, marlene! it freaked me out a little.

back when he called, he told me he was bringing a friend and so i got a little worried because he's had some questionable friends (i mean, critter? who does that?) that i would have definate reservations about allowing into my home. and he told me who it was, but geez, we haven't spoken in "some time," so how the hell am i supposed to remember who's who? well, eFriends (and the two people i actually know who i force to read this), you can exhale. she's not only non-threatening, but she seems to be a real-life GoodHouseguest. she does dishes! and offers to help with dinner! take notes, Boy.

and good news! i got a raise! i also got more stuff to do, but who cares! now i need to redo The Budget. and maybe soon (please please please) i will get my actual title-- and then my benefits? it's a good thing that online contacts site doesn't check to see if the prescription you gave them is still valid until after they've shipped the goods. but i fear using the same prescription these past four years may have left me on the road to having glasses like this. pickles will look dashing in his suit.

and since i haven't yet had time to upload pictures of me at the prom, or me on my recent trip home to the Bean, i will leave you with this.

got dot?


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