July 18, 2005
i am so athletic

here at my work there is a summer program, which on the one hand, exposes me to hugenormously cute children like the girl with the big teeth. but on the other...

*cue scary theme music*

it brings back the horrible memories of physical education. i fear colored mesh jerseys. I remember the sour hole in my stomach each time the teacher would bring out a handful of those limp sweaty shirts and tell us to put one on. the kids on the field today were playing kickball or some non-sport like that and the minute i saw their red and blue over-shirt thingies, i about screamed.

in the middle school year book there is a picture of me with the captions "the cat ate my gym shoes."

i almost didn't graduate high school because they finally realized i had cut gym every single day of my senior year to eat bagels and smoke cigarettes outside the band room. (but now i quit. not bagels. NEVER bagels.)

so i was going to write about the wedding (finally!) today, but here's the thing. there is actual work to be done. so tomorrow, maybe? and then, after that, i'll write about the fat. you're so excited.


Blogger Beeb said...

wedding?!!! don't let vegas pressure you...i know it's close and all - but please.

Blogger Beeb said...

ok. i've thought it over. if you want to get married. get married. at this point, i'd love to get off the east coast. but i'd love even more to see you.

Blogger miss kendra said...

not my wedding, silly. yours.

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