July 27, 2005
havah nagila

four totally convoluted steps to using a jewish song title in your blog post:
step one: plan: write about how busy i am this week with excellent filmfest activities

step two: which made me think of the phrase "busy as a bee"

step three: which made me think of how my hebrew name is devorah nagila*. i know this makes no sense to you goyim (fun with yiddish) but trust me, it follows. see below.

step four: which led me to another nagila, specifically "havah nagila," which made me want to eat latkes and matzoball soup, but whatever. no, really. it's fine. this store brand vegetable soup with alpha-bits will do. sniff.


i am busy. there is all the usual workie type stuff, which incidentally is all kind of happening at once, and thus creating much of The Stress. it's not even anything i can multitask. it's hands on. it makes me want to keep a flask of vodka in my desk. next to the oatmeal and apple rings. but i wouldn't do that. (or would i? mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha...)

then there is the hypefest stuff, which is really pretty entertaining, but a little stressful because there is just so much to do. which i guess would be fine if people would stop emailing me to ask questions that are answered in the very email they are responding to. i'm beginning to think i better rent a short bus for this event. and pick up a couple extra helmets.

also, i'm supposed to be asking our landlord if we can terminate our lease early. but my balls have not yet descended. for some reason i'm afraid to ask, possibly because i think he may be angered at my suggestion and then chain me up in the storage area near our laundry room where no one would ever find me. (phrase looping in my head right now? it puts the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again.) or maybe my landlord is completely harmless in his little hybrid car and pink polo shirts and i'm crazy. either way, terrifying.

unrelated, i watched this craptastic movie on lifetime the other night? (we have cable this week. for free. don't tell.) it "starred" michelle trachtenberg, who once showed up at Boy's work and the world stopped spinning because she (according to my sources) has a fabulous ass. thanks, sources. so i sat through the whole damn movie with it's faux plotline and cross-eyed love interest, etc etc... waiting for a shot of her walking away from the camera. and yet no booty. i should have rented harriet the spy.

*devorah nagila means laughing (or joyous) bumblebee. this was my mother's idea of a good name for me. is she completely meshuggah? why yes, yes she is.


Anonymous Kendra said...

More coincidences for Kendras: I was honored to sign the katuba (sp purely made up) at some friends' wedding. The rabbi handed me the pen and asked me my Jewish name. "Kendra," says I. "Sarah?" asks he. "Kendra," says I. He very gallantly spelled out something he said approximated Kendra in Hebrew, and I lamely tried to copy it.

Blogger MooCow said...

You better not be dissin' "Ice Princess" because that movie is awesome.

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