July 13, 2005

i have no time to post right now because my computer has been frozen for the last hour. meaning i've been at my desk, buried in paper, slaving away, drawing elephants.
but till i do have time to make a real post, let me just say that i am very lucky to be with the wonder that is Boy. no, for real. this isn't sarcasm. i swear. he makes me blush and want to do all kinds of awfully wrong things. like make chicken pot pie and lemon bars (he loves lemon bars! send lemon bars!) and other assorted g rated activites. because, dad, i am totally g rated.

so even though i tell you i'm busy "working," i'm prolly just making pie and babies.

remember: the pie goes in the oven. terrible.


Blogger Beeb said...

so when am i going to catch a plane to CA for the weekend? any wedding dates? (win him over with lemon bars). ;)

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