July 08, 2005
casual friday

today is casual friday, which means i have not so much to say. i want to tell you about Domino, the Angel and Dog, but it totally requires pictures. of which i currently have none. and also i want to post pictures from my visit home, but i have to scan them in. maybe sunday.

so today's news is basically just that i overslept and was late to work. i was so freaking tired when i got in bed last night that i was absolutely positive i would sleep through the night. but alas, it was not meant to be. the houseguests went out with a friend, and despite their efforts to be quiet, i did that whole "pretend not to be woken up so the other person doesn't fel bad" thing. oh well. tomorrow's the weekend, right? i get to sleep late, right? NO!

tomorrow we venture outside the saftey zone. i hope pickles can't read.

and last night the houseguests made chicken drumsticks and so we sauteed some veggies and made rice and stuffing with portobellas and it was yummy. i hope no one noticed i kind of avoided the chicken (the pieces i had were good, but eeew, bones!). i was a vegematarian in the nineties, and though i now eat meat, i still have a problem with certain things. mostly chicken. and in the grocery store, i have to avert my eyes from the tripe. who eats tripe?

once at passover dinner my mom made cornish hens even though she knows about the whole bones situation. she thinks i should get over it, but she said that when my hamster died, too. ** moment of silence ** anyway, it just so happened that on that day my sister said some not so nice things which i do not remember for reasons which i also do not remember. but i used it to my advantage and forced her to debone the hen for my consumption. you've got to earn forgiveness. forgiveness doesn't grow on trees.
not pictured: one (1) heartless mother (just kidding! love you! send money!) and one (that i know of) dead hamster.

see you tomorrow!


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